Aug 1, 2023Liked by John Higgs

July was definitely pink, yellow and John Higgs shaped. Hand bags and gladrags and posters tagged. I love a good Octannual with lots of recommendations and signposts. Hopefully August will be quiet as I set off down a Steve Aylett rabbit warren with my new Aylett tarot deck. Maybe I’ll meet Andrew O’Neill. Thanks a million, John.

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Aug 2, 2023Liked by John Higgs

Superb. Thank you! The kite has mega antique spends on theatres and its fangs narrate super kale tillage and assail whales, as the yen nag’s gusto merits mailings and the mega cultural hat goes natural. Hindi digits hail the Dean for every mega German maraca, with silos for digits. The fanged princess’ lungs walk up to the madman as he lies dying in the kayak, and nail his aching gob to the tuataras.

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