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Great night at Resident Records hearing John talk to Ian Broudie. About half way through the book at the moment and really enjoying it. I got talking to Richard Norris at the event as well and what a fascinating chap he was. Can't wait to read his book as well!

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November 23 1963 Doctor Who debuts ?

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I bet producing The Fall was a challenge!

I will have to get the book to find out as I collect music bios.

Regards Richard Norris I was wondering if he had anything to do with the fabulous psychedelic reissue label Bam Caruso that came out in the late 80s?

I’ve got most of the vinyl that was issued as part of the wonderful Rubble series.

One of the lps had a track called ‘Strange Things are Happening’ by an unknown called Rings & Things - the sleeve notes hint that it could have been by Ringo & his then wife, but they had no further details.

Strange Things became the name of a short lived magazine issued by Bam Caruso in the 90s, I have most of those to.

I guess I will need to buy that book to! 🤓👍

I will leave you with this groovy tune:


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New one’s either Doctor Who or Discordians or a duel topic book like Love And Let Die that’s about both (my dream)!

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